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Dominate & Conquer
Battle for extra resources
Attack, explore, scavenge
Gather resources to survive
Massive Research Tree - 100+ Unlocks
Trade resources on the Global Market


Gamex studio d.o.o.


early OCTOBER, 2020

- DEMO release (at STEAM FESTIVAL)

DECEMBER 15th, 2020

- Early Access Release on Steam

MAY 11th, 2021

- Full Release on Steam





Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game that lets you lead the settlement towards a global empire.


A civilization simulation game in a post-apocalyptic setting, where you manage your settlement to become a global empire.


Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game where you start exploring new world after the apocalypse to scavenge and manage enough resources for your small settlement to survive.
The game stand outs with its completely fresh time-lapse mechanics, that lets you control time once you come back playing the game. Manage available time optimally and you'll be ready to conquer neighboring territories.
Sell products on the market to gather most needed resources and conquer all territories to rule and dominate the world.


-> Survive the post-apocalyptic times

Establish strong fundamentals for your settlement to survive! Explore, scavenge and rebuild society from scratch in harsh post-apocalyptic conditions.
Manage limited resources, recover from natural and social disasters as you expand into dangerous territories to restore the world order as you see fit!

->Rebuild the pillars of modern civilization

Recovery of modern social, economic and military structure is crucial to start thriving instead of just surviving!

-> Manage your citizens to create a powerful establishment

Every powerful settlement requires great maintenance, workers, scavengers, builders, soldiers,… to survive different events through time and grow the empire despite any challenges and threats it faces.

-> Choose your own path with a massive research tree and Advance your civilization into the new heights

Uncover the research tree to unlock new buildings, skills and perks. Will you succeed in global expansion or bring your civilization extinct? The path is up to you...

-> Trade the Global Market to your advantage

All resources are tradable in a demand/supply driven market where your actions can affect it. Manipulate and trade the market to become a global tycoon!

-> Post-apocalyptic world conquering - Dominate & Control the World

The new world order has been established, new leaders have taken over the territories. Will you choose military pressure, use your wealth or maybe a more diplomatic route to world domination?

-> Speed up and automate gameplay actions

Utilize the Time-lapse feature which lets you vastly speed up time and help automate more and more of the gameplay as you dive deeper into its many mechanics – Play at your own pace!

So, do you have the skills to run a successful settlement and lead it to become a global empire?


Simpocalypse has been developing by Gamex Studio, the same squad that has previously released several times awarded War Clicks and Area Raiders game.
Studio was established in 2015, when providing various web-solutions to fulfill market needs, but now working fully on developing revolutionary games for worldwide players.
The team is now working on a bigger and in-depth game, full of unique mechanics that were never introduced in the genre before.


For game keys, further information, additional graphic materials, or other inquiries please contact:

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